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beyond-organic farming

Image by Mick Haupt

urban farming

…is exactly what it sounds like. We grow closer to cities in order to grow enough fresh food, located10 miles from Namma Bengaluru, to actually feed people clean food. We’re in the process of piecing together a large-scale version of our current urban farming operation which features hydroponic systems. Our new growing space will feature flat beds covering an area of 10,000 sqft, increasing our output by more than 10x.



Shoes off, full body suit, hairnet, boots and mask on, insert hands into the automatic hand-washer, put on gloves. This is the daily (often many times daily) procedure that everyone who sets foot in our farm must go through. Making sure our greens don’t come into contact with pathogens is our top priority. Every effort we make to maintain a biosecure growing environment has been carefully developed by our team of experts so we are 100% confident every bite you take will only make you healthier.

Image by Markus Spiske


CEA=controlled environment agriculture (we are control freaks and we know it). In order to ensure we grow the healthiest and best tasting greens we can, we monitor every aspect of the growing environment including light, temperature, what we feed the plants, and who comes into contact with them. We grow hydroponically, using Nutrient Film Technique, which feeds the plants through a moving stream of nutrient rich water. By adjusting the nutrient mixture, the temperature of the room, and how much light the plants receive, we can affect the flavor of the plants, producing a final product that chefs and home cooks go crazy for.

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